Troika Ranch Performances This Week

Mark Coniglio (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:55:38 -0400

Two Troika Ranch performances this week in NYC... Please join us if you are
in the area, and make sure to say hello.

Best Wishes,
Mark Coniglio


Scenes from the Chemical Wedding
April 6th, 1999
7:00 PM and 8:30PM
Liberty Science Center
251 Phillip Street
Jersey City, NJ
Reservations Required: Call 201.200.1000 to reserve a seat.

We've just finished a month-long residency at Liberty Science Center where
we began work on our next evening length piece, "The Chemical Wedding of
Christian Rosenkreutz". In this new work, based on an alchemical allegory
written in the 15th Century, we combine dance with the surrealistic imagery
taken from the book. This showing of our work-in-progress will feature some
lovely real-time video maninpulation using STEIM's Image/ine as well as
interactive control of music and light via the MidiDancer and also a web of
laser beams.


Vera's Body (NYC Premiere)
April 9,10,11
Joyce SoHo
155 Mercer Street
New York, NY
Reservations: 212.334.7479

Vera's Body blends dance, theater and interactive media to explore the
body's sheer physical power, aesthetic beauty and the haunting awareness of
its essential frailty. Having died one minute before curtain, the title
character is represented by five dancers and an actor who travel through
the important moments in her long full life. Each dance in the work
illuminates moments in Vera's life when her world is at one of two
polarities: either completely in her head or completely her body.


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