Re: upcoming internet legislation/USA

Nanette Hassall (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:57:55 +0800

Nick Rothwell wrote:

> > Forgive the political note, but I think this is important for this group
> > and all US citizens that use the Net. I will paste it in as it was sent to
> > me. Writing a note from the web page cited is very easy.
> Remind me: is this the spam which has been going round for over a
> year, and which is totally unfounded in fact, and which everybody
> should have learned about ages ago?
> (Remind me also: why should those of us outside the US have to read
> about this on a dance list?)
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Dear Nick,

Although I do not live in the US it is very helpful for me to see the debates
that are affecting those who are working in that community. Quite often we find
ourselves having to fight the same battles just a little further down the track.
At least we will have a community to appeal to for help in establishing
successful strategies.

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