Geez, give me a break (was Re: upcoming internet legislation/USA)

Scott Sutherland (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:12:27 -0500

>> Forgive the political note, but I think this is important for this group
>> and all US citizens that use the Net. I will paste it in as it was sent to
>> me. Writing a note from the web page cited is very easy.
>Remind me: is this the spam which has been going round for over a
>year, and which is totally unfounded in fact, and which everybody
>should have learned about ages ago?

Yikes, I mistakenly forward one lousy message at midnight on Saturday
(never mind the eight others I stopped last week)... You are a hard guy to
please, Nick :-).

>(Remind me also: why should those of us outside the US have to read
>about this on a dance list?)
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I don't filter out performance announcements that might only benefit people
in a particular city, or technical discussion that only benefits people who
work with hardware, so why should I filter out a message that only pertains
to those of us in the USA? Dance-Tech subscribers are a very diverse
group. If I filtered out all but the most broadly interesting material,
you would get almost no messages at all.

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