Re: Analog Senors to Midi

Alex Burton (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 15:25:56 -0500

Hello Michael,

If you want to do it yourself (which is great!) i'd suggest using a
standalone computer based on the 68HC11; New Micros was suggested to me by
M. Coniglio a few years ago. They make small boards which are quite small
and battery-operable (and are about $ 50 USD). Their controllers include a
Forth interpreter, which i found approximately 21 times more fun to use
than straight assembly. Connecting a powerglove sensor (which is what i
did) means soldering one resistor and one capacitor. MIDI out is trivial
(once you know how to do it).

If you want i can send you some code so you can see what it looks like.
Also, if you read french i can send you a document describing the process i
went through.

I don't know about Axel Mulder's document, but since he's the creator of
the iCube, i can guess what could be his advice ;)

Good luck!


> A friend of mine and I plan to collaborate on an interactive dance
>She will dance, I will compose/program. As a starting point, we plan on
>experimenting with flex sensors. Unfortunately our budgets do not allow for
>the purchase of a commercial product such as the "DIEM Digital Dance
>system", but this is the type of system that eventually I would like to
> I will have access to some sensors taken from a Nintendo Power
>glove. I'm
>wonder if any of you have experience converting the analog sensor data from
>one of these sensors to midi data? Or can advise me on the best way to
>approach this?
> I have a fair amount of ability when working with electronics, but have
>never tried a simular project.
> I have a reference to an article in PCVR that I have yet to locate,
>"How to
>build an Instrumented Glove based on the PowerGlove Flex Sensors" by A.
>Mulder. Do any of you know if this person is still actively working with
>this type of equipment?
> any comments, URLs, or advice would be MUCH appreciated,
> Michael Lechasseur
> Univeristy of McGill Music Department
> Montreal, Canada