Analog Senors to Midi

Michael Lechasseur (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 13:50:39 -0500


A friend of mine and I plan to collaborate on an interactive dance piece.
She will dance, I will compose/program. As a starting point, we plan on
experimenting with flex sensors. Unfortunately our budgets do not allow for
the purchase of a commercial product such as the "DIEM Digital Dance
system", but this is the type of system that eventually I would like to

I will have access to some sensors taken from a Nintendo Power glove. I'm
wonder if any of you have experience converting the analog sensor data from
one of these sensors to midi data? Or can advise me on the best way to
approach this?

I have a fair amount of ability when working with electronics, but have
never tried a simular project.

I have a reference to an article in PCVR that I have yet to locate, "How to
build an Instrumented Glove based on the PowerGlove Flex Sensors" by A.
Mulder. Do any of you know if this person is still actively working with
this type of equipment?

any comments, URLs, or advice would be MUCH appreciated,

Michael Lechasseur
Univeristy of McGill Music Department
Montreal, Canada