Re: max and director

Robert Wechsler (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 15:58:13 +0100

Dear Jacques,

In passing, i thought i might mention what Palindrome is doing with
Director (now 7.0). (on a pc, by the way)

We us it to play a film of a dance which is then "scaled" through the
dancer's movements as she does the same dance.
by this i mean that the size of the dancing image is controled by the
dancer's position. (we do this using our touchlines software.)
the whole system is actually a bit more complicated than that, but the end
effect is that the dancer can then decide how "pixeled" she wants to
appear. that is, as you bring the image closer, it falls apart into blocks
of color (pixels), allowing the public to experience the transition from
analog to digitial -- so to speak.
for more info, write me, or see our site (see below).
good luck!


At 10:41 PM 2/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Perhaps someone can help me for a project for an instalation beside a dance
>I made a Director 6 document with sounds, images, video running on a G3
>(blue new one) with the video viewed also with video projector thru Miro
>DC30, I want to command the interactivity with Icube sensor pluged into Max
>3.0 running on another computer (Umax with 603e/200Mhz), the both are wired
>thru eternet on wich I can use localtalk or TCP/IP.
>What are the possibility to have communications a) Max directing Director
>b) Director giving order to Max (less useful for me at the moment)
>Do you know if I need special Max object? special Director Xtra?
>and what is the best wiring to do that (localTalk, Mac IP, TCP/IP?)
>Anybody have experience of this kind of collaboration?
>Thank you in advance for your attention
>Jacques Hoepffner, photographe
>31, rue de la Réunion 75020 Paris France
>tél 33 (0)1 44 93 39 27 fax 33 (0)1 44 93 39 70