Re: Video playback from Max

Richard Povall (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:13:16 -0500

Todd, this sounds great. I have one suggestion though (for those of you
who haven't experimented with QT3 (soon to be QuickTIme 4)

>2. Compression
>I used Cinepak compression at medium - high quality (you can play with the
>quality setting with a trade off of file size vs. quality). I used Media
>Cleaner Pro for the compression.

Instead of Cinepak, if you purchase the full version of QuickTime 3 (or
have System 8.5, which I think includes the full version), you can use
Movie Player of Media Cleaner Pro to compress the video with Sorensen codec
instead of Cinepak. It's a quite slow compression process, but the end
result looks really nice, and has a higher compression ratio than Cinepak.
Sorensen looks at least twice as good as Cinepak - I believe it's an
adaptive compression technique, which varies the data rate as needed.

Todd - one question. At what data rate are you compressing in order to
play from your RAM disk?


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