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jacques.hoepffner (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 03:11:37 +0100

Jeff wrote:
>I wish I could help more with this, but I'm eagerly awaiting the answer--I
>remember when Mark Coniglio did a residency here in Madison he showed us an
>Xtra for getting Director to take in and utilize MIDI, but that was for
>Director 4.0. I don't know if it will work with D6, but make sure you get the
>updated (6.1 or 6.02, I don't remember which) that will prevent some serious
>bugs. I'm sure Mark will be on here shortly with some more accurate info.
>While we're on the subject, today I began planning the tech aspect of a
>to be given by Jin-Wen Yu involving Big Eye. This is, I believe, a more
>version of what Jacques is doing, yet putting OMS and the latest demo of Big
>Eye on my Powerbook 1400 (with a G3 card hiding inside) seems to cause nothing
>but problems. I recall a year or so ago when playing around with OMS that it
>caused some problems with my system--should I be running minimal extensions
>while MIDIfying things, or are there bugs in Big Eye that I don't know about?
>Questions, questions, and more questions,
I thank you for your help but were can I download this Xtra ? I have the
plain 6 director, perhaps can I find an upgrade on the macromedia site.
Beside that I tried big eye (on demo version) and like for imagine, I had
many big problems with this software (freezing of graphic card, no entry
from miro etcÉ). Have you a better experience, because I hesitate to buy
the full version.
Triyng, crashing, restarting,

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