Re: videoplayback

Garth Paine (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 19:48:00 +1100

>>hi everyone, i am a new listmember.
>>i am working on an installation which basically consists of a number of
>>video monitors, each connected to touchpads in the floor for
>>interactivity, each showing different material based on touchpad input.
>>i would like suggestions about the playback device. one alternative is
>>to get a mac with max and one of those midi video playback programs. but
>>this would require one computer per monitor.

I have approached this from another perpective.
1. You can use MAX on a number of machines - one per monitor, however the
MAX Video object has its limitations.

2. Steinburg make a software package called X<>Pose which I haven't used
but looks cool and mapps video clips to MIDI note numbers

3. Philips make a PCMCIA card Video player which I have used and it is
fantastic - you can access it through RS232 via the Serial object.

Good luck



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