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Aaron Davidson (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 12:03:48 -0600

>hi everyone, i am a new listmember.
>i am working on an installation which basically consists of a number of
>video monitors, each connected to touchpads in the floor for
>interactivity, each showing different material based on touchpad input.
>i would like suggestions about the playback device. one alternative is
>to get a mac with max and one of those midi video playback programs. but
>this would require one computer per monitor.
>is there anything better out there? the site suggests laserdisc players.
>any particular model? also, is there a max object which sends RS-242
>mateusz herczka
The Pioneer LD-V8000 is the "standard" for laserdisc players used in
interactive installations. Originally used for early non-linear editing
sytems in Hollywood, it has less than one half second search anywhere on
the disc (the TBC holds the last frame so as to prevent black flashes
during search like the LD-V4400), plus a plethora of advanced features
(interleaved video channels, still over sound, digital slo-mo of
audio/video, etc) and a Time Base Corrector, plus synchronizing (genlock).
There is a driver already written in MAX for the Pioneer players called
VDP, look in the help folders for "VDP help" and parasite off this patch
for ease. For multiple players more than two, or one if you are already
using midi on a port, you would need a serial port expander from
Keyspan..... or........ Marc Coniglio of Troika Ranch makes a MIDI to
RS-232 box that allows one MIDI cable to address up to eight serial devices
(not all types of serial devices but the LD works fine, also certain video
switchers work). I'm not sure if Marc enjoys producing these boxes for the
masses, but he may.

I own many of these players and find them to be the best, for some
reason the Sony players never became that popular.

The LD-V8000 is very expensive new....over $2000 US.....but many video
post production places are dumping the players for roughly $300-500, or
cheaper in special circumstances.
I bought many of mine from Skywalker Sound, via Broadcast Exchange in Los

The Max object for simple serial data I/O is called "serial".

I hope this helps.

Aaron Davidson
Santa Fe, New Mexico,USA