Re: The great Debate

Scott Sutherland (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 22:19:06 -0600

Lesley Wheeler writes:
>Liss - the list may not serve a multiple function for you, but it
>seems to do so for the rest of us.

I'm sorry Leslie, but I don't agree. If you take the last couple of months
as an example, only about 25% of the subscribers have actually posted a
message. If the email I'm getting privately is any indication, much of the
other 75% would prefer a list that does not range very far from

I think we are two very different groups of dance-tech subscribers, with
different needs and interests.

There is a core-group of people for whom the dance-tech list has become an
online community. Many of these people wish to be able to discuss pretty
much anything on the list, or at least to be able to pursue tangents to
their conclusions.

There are also many subscribers for whom the list is mainly a resource. If
the notes I keep getting are any indication, these people want a list less
cluttered with tangential material and more focused on dance & technology.

As you may have surmised, my personal preference in a list is more aligned
with the later group, but I realize that many of the regular contributers
to the list come from the former group and I don't think this list can be
successful without *both*. The trick will be to come up with a solution
that is satisfactory to everyone, not just the small group of people who
regularly post.

- Scott

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