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Scott Sutherland (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 18:35:00 -0500

Jean-Marc Matos writes:
>I will step away from the boycott and the tentative call for it under
>the condition that this mailing list is absolutely free of any kind of

Jean-Marc, As much as I would like to have you contribute to the list, I'm
afraid you should continue your boycot. This matter has not been resolved
yet, and yours is not the only voice that needs to be heard.

Or instead of making threats, you could postpone your boycott and
participate in the decision making process. I have some hope that this is
what most people are doing anyway, since the dance-tech subscription
numbers have gone up instead of down, and since even you yourself didn't

>Specially when political issues will not be considered "irrelevant

I do not consider political issues to be "irrelevant noise". I simply
believe that they often fall outside the scope of this list.

>Life is short.
>I wish sometimes I could hear more voices expressing their opinions.
>What is art?
>What is its social function?
>Isn't an attempt to reconcile poetic visions, social concerns, spiritual
>dimensions and personal development universal?
>In what way then (and I'm not talking only in terms of lack of funding)
>dance creates a junction with new media and digital technology?
>Computer technology becomes specially relevant to my opinion when it is
>embodied through dance, in a critical way.
>All the best to all free thinkers.

These are all great questions. I'm just not sure that they should all be
discussed on *this* list.

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