Re: Whoa!

David Rodger (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 06:46:49 +1000

Jeffrey Miller wrote:
>Let's be friendly, civilized, and
>expressive. Then we can have a "dance/combat " festival and kick each
>other around later.

That's contact improvisation, isn't it? ;-)

Then Liss Fain wrote (in a message which maybe wasn't intended for the list):
>I welcome some moderation as there is a lot of "noise" on this list.

Well, when lists come up against the problem of moderation and censorship,
there is a lot of noise, but there's a lot of signal in that noise too.
OTOH, Liss, maybe you'd like to suggest exactly what we should be
discussing, but I'd expect that you'd have a hard time finding a consensus,
even if all your suggestions were strictly about dance and tech.

Regards, David

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