Re: An organized solution [administration]

David Rodger (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 06:40:40 +1000

Jeffrey Miller wrote:
>Perhaps a start would be the creation of a virtual gallery, show, or somesuch
>providing either descriptions, content, or links to these various pieces. The
>dance/tech zone would be the obvious home (you guys have copious amounts of
>spare time, right?) but perhaps some other server, from some Great University
>Resource would be better...

What is so often forgotten when these little spats occur is that so many
lists are facilitated by institutions such as universities, who have rules
about usage and content. While lists might _seem_ to be free and
democratic places, they're really not and it's not too hard to see why when
one considers possible legal obligations for the institution that provides
the facilities for their existence.

This is neither an argument for nor against what Scott is doing. I simply
wish to remind you of a factor which we usually don't consider.


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