Political rants [was Re: IDAT99 and no budget]

Doug Rosenberg (rosend@mail.soemadison.wisc.edu)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:34:05 -0600

This is an open response to Mr. Sutherland,
If you wish to reprimand me, you might consider doing it a bit more tactfully and preferably privately. This is the 2nd time you have done so since I joined this list server, and with all due respect to you as the moderator of the list, I do not and will not accept your censorship regarding what I can and can not speak to on the list. My "rant" as you condescendingly refer to it is my opinion and my views on an issue that is much broader than why IDAT doesn't offer money to participants. Part of my concern over current practices in dance and technology is the very fact that it is more often than not removed from issues of content. I will continue to respond to the list and to speak about what I consider pertinent, if I am alone in my concerns, so be it. If you wish to speak to me about personal issues, please do so personally and not in the public forum of the dance tech list. I would certainly like to hear my colleagues views on this.
Douglas Rosenberg