Political rants [was Re: IDAT99 and no budget]

Scott Sutherland (scott@herron.iupui.edu)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 17:20:52 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I'm normally a pretty quiet moderator, but this looks like one of those
times I'll have to speak up to head off trouble.

Doug Rosenberg writes:

>...IDAT is not alone in being unable to fund artists for their work. It
>is part of a much larger problem in the United States that permeates our
>>entire culture.

and then he launches into a political rant involving Ken Star, Mike Espy,
university sports, teachers, Clinton, the NEA, and a nice laundry list of
evil actions for which it is currently fashionable to blame republicans.

While I enjoy a spirited political debate as well as the next guy (maybe
more), the dance-tech list is NOT the place to hold it. Please do not post
responses or me-too's concerning this material to the list. We have made
it almost 5 years and I've never yet had to actively filter postings. I
don't want to start now.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Scott Sutherland
dance-tech moderator

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