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Christoph Hoelscher (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 15:36:38 +0100


I'd like to add my 2 cents to this discussion about IDAT99's lack of budget:

>Since I received on December 15th the following information "The
>conference budget is unable to provide presenters with airfare and hotel
>accommodations" I am simply shocked by such a pathetic and unacceptable

In many disciplines most presenters at international conferences do not
have their travel expenses covered by the conference organization. In fact,
for example in my home disciplines - psychology and Cognitive Science -
only the so-called "invited speakers" are getting paid. Everybody else, who
goes through the normal process of writing proposals and getting accepted
etc., they either get paid through their own university or have to pay
Maybe IDAT also sticks to this model?

I am not saying that you should have to pay for your trip, but I do object
to your calling IDATs behavior "pathetic".

What are the alternatives here: Should everybody who presents get his/her
travel expenses covered, regardless of institutional affiliation? That
would be hard to imagine either, wouldn't it?
Besides, it would certainly push up the registration fees for such a
conference (which appear to be quite moderate now).

>It is perfectly clear that I do not have the personal financial means to
>travel all the way from France to Arizona, and pay hotels, food, etc...I
>never thought this being holidays for me!

... nonetheless it is the perfect season for holidays in Arizona. ;-)

Dennis wrote:
>I agree with Cory and Marcos. I am a capitalist who has not received
funding to do
>my dance video. I am very surprised that there is no travel and hotel
>for people presenting workshops. In addition the hotel costs of $160.00
per night
>are very expensive.

I wonder, do at least the people who present the pre-conference workshops
some money? One does have to pay extra for participating, so that money
would have to be shared with presenters.

I also agree that accommodation is hilariously expensive, especially since
I also have to cover all costs personally.

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