Re: IDAT99 and no budget

Doug Rosenberg (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 12:24:00 -0600

I share the frustration voiced by other in regard to the lack of funding for IDAT, however IDAT is not alone in being unable to fund artists for their work. It is part of a much larger problem in the United States that permeates our entire culture. Ken Starr has spent 50 million to investigate the President, another prosocuter spent 20 million to investigate Mike Espy, (for accepting about $10,000 worth of free gifts) and universities spend millions on sports while declining to create new lines for teachers. So it is quite obvious that in this country our priorities are out of whack. Since the early 1980's we have stood by while the right wing has systematically dismantled the NEA, the castrated liberal left, and created a climate of moral repression. The question is what are we going to do about and what can we do? At this moment I am feeling completely demoralized as I watch Clinton headed for what looks like certain impeachment. Anyone have any suggestions as to how !
we might regain control of our culture?