"Imagine You Later"

isabel valverde (valverde@sirius.com)
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 19:12:51 -0700

Hello everybody,

Artists' Television Access presents:

'Imagine You Later'

Concept, choreography, video, lights, sound, and scenography (moving screens)
by Isabel Valverde

Performed by Sean Seward and Isabel Valverde

December 9 & 10 8pm
992 Valencia Street, San Francisco

This piece is part of 'FELT BODIES', an evening show including two other
interdisciplinary works from Kaaren Beckhof and Mary Mizelle, reflecting
upon body matters beyond Cartesian concepts.

'Imagine You Later' is an approach to the perception of our body
interiority, critically exploring the challenges to the human condition
raised by technological advances in medicine. The performers follow a
journey through their body systems, as they attach themselves to moving
screens projecting body imaging images. Their movements in juxtaposition
with video projections of surgery, cyborgs, and video games, also
symbolically comment on the sterile fitness culture, the Cartesian medical
behavior, and sci-fi pop culture.

This performance was presented as a work in progress on 12/7/97 and later
on 3/16&17/98, at Venue 9 Theater in San Francisco.

PS: Open to questions and/or criticism


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