Re: New from Credo - PowerModels

Armando Menicacci (
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 00:56:20 +0100

>> Second thought is linked to _Cyberculture_ a recent book by Pierre Levy
>> former professor at my university (Paris 8). He says that no communication
>> media has eves made the substitution of another :
>I've not seen a telex machine for years, I've forgotten all my Morse
>code, and I doubt that any material remaining on 8-track cartridges is
>contributing much to our present-day culture.

I really agree with that. It is exactly what I said. The support may
change, what is important is the relationship support content. You might
have forgotten morse code (you're lucky I've never learned it) but it still
saves many people's life. The most important thins is, in my opinion, how
you use it. Just as you said.

>I would claim that many people do choreography. What's significant is
>whether the result worth watching as an artform.

New tools just make us to think again what we consider normal. I praise the
constant re-discussion of accepted values. New medias are a tool for
reconsidering dance. They'll never substitute dance as 8-track didn's
substitute live music, as morse code didn's substitute kisses. That's what
Levy says. We shouldn't be afraid, we should be vigilants, aware. If we are
just afraid we don't use tools, we don't know.