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a new performance-installation




AlienNation Co. will perform "MIGBOT 2," a new performance/film,
sculpture and music installation on Friday, December 4, 10:oo pm, at
Winter Street Art Center, 2123 Winter Street, in Houston.

After the premiere, two more performances of MIGBOT are shown Saturday,
December 5, at 8:oo and 10:oo pm. Tickets are $9.

MIGBOT 2 is AlienNation's third new multimedia "blackbox" production
premiered in 1998. Examining migratory bodies and images of
displacement, entrapment, time-shift, and travel in outer space,
MIGBOT continues the company's development of new interfaces and
interactive designs in music, dance and photography.

The new work is created as a "movement- installation," a new form of
dance, in several spaces of the cavernous Winter warehouse including its
rooftop, with audiences moving through the performances. Original
music is composed by Steve Pare based on audio transmissions from the
Russian space station MIR. The libretto is by Angeles Romero and
Houston-based painter Don Calledare. Performances are by Angeles Romero,
Johannes Birringer and Emmanuel Woodward. Movement sculptures are by
Christy Singleton, and Ms Romero is accompanied by Russian-born singer
Olga Kinna. Films and choreodesigns by Johannes Birringer/AlienNation

AlienNation Co. will also host Several Dancers Core‚s FIELDWORKS
(directed by Sarah Irwin) to collaborate on an exciting night of visual
and sensory pleasure on December 4, 1998 at Winter Street Art Center
(8:oo pm).

AlienNation Co. is a Houston-based international performance ensemble
experimenting with multiple media and new technologies. The company,
works as a laboratory for projects exploring new links between live
performance, video choreography, electronic music, digital art and

A CD/CD-ROM of the migbot precursor „North by Southš (created last May)
has now been released on the AlienNation label, one the first
dance-concert/music CD-ROMs released by an independent performance
ensemble in the United States.

The collaboration between Several Dancers Core and AlienNation Co. marks
a new era for Winter Street Art Center, the 37,000 sq.ft. warehouse on
the northwest side of downtown Houston. Winter Street's inaugural season
features collaborations between independent artists and organizations
for a series of special projects, exhibitions, music and dance concerts,
video installations, symposia and workshops.

Winter Street Art Center: (713) 861 3782 orpheus/
For interview and photos contact J. Birringer at 713 521 3325

This program is supported by Texas Commission on the Arts , the City of
Houston through the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, and
the Russian Space Research Institute.

MIGBOT 2 is inspired by research conducted at the migbot lab in
Chichester (summer 1998). Special thanks to Amanda Steggell, Per Platou,
James Frankham, Scott deLahunta, Agnes Zander, and the whole team!
blackbox productions AL/PA

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