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Dance Education and Technology: Dancing with the Mouse
National Dance Association Proposal Deadline - December 15, 1998

Submitting your idea . . .

This Call for Presentations is your invitation to submit a written
programming idea that you can be developed into a paper presentation,
performance, roundtable, panel, etc. for the 1999 Dance In Education and
Technology: Dancing with the mouse Conference, October 7-10, 1999, at
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina. This conference will be
an exceptional opportunity for dance educators and dance technologists
to meet and discuss the present and future needs of the discipline,
while exploring the probable directions for dance education.

This conference is intended for dance educators, dance technologists,
and studio and private sector dance educators at all levels and
settings. Paper presentations, roundtables, panels, performances, studio
workshops and laboratory sessions should demonstrate innovative concepts
and treatment within dance education, dance technology, and educational
dance performance utilizing technology. Included within these parameters
could be presentations on dance for the differently abled, software for
dance, performances which utilize technology, educational collaborations
related arts, copyright, polycultural information, distance education,
and multidisciplinary programming. Technologists should plan a complementary
"hands on" session linked with their presentations to be given in either
the Macintosh or PC labs adjacent to the presentation auditorium. Skills
required for production of educational software will be an integral
factor of this conference.

Special Features: Studio sessions, dance concert, IBM and Macintosh
practical sessions, software review center, dance for the differently-abled,
on-site school visitations.

The number of presentations which an individual can give during any one
conference is limited to one. This will permit the greatest input from the
during the conference and in the published proceedings. Electronic proposal
forms can be requested from and returned to Keitha Manning at or Hard copy proposal forms can be
requested from and sent to: Dr. Jody Lunt, Winthrop University,
Department of Dance and Theatre, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730.
Both types of proposals are due by December 15, 1998. Notification of
acceptance will be sent by February 15, 1999.

Membership/Registration Requirements:
There is no fee to submit a presentation proposal. Individuals selected
as presenters who are involved in the discipline of dance, are expected
to pay their own travel costs and the conference registration fee as a
current member of the National Dance Association or the National Dance
Education Association. Residents outside the United States must provide
proof of membership in an equivalent organization within the country/

Fax Dr. Jody Lunt - 803-323-2560
Email Dr. Keitha Manning at
Internet (updates)
Mail Dr. Jody Lunt, Winthrop University, Department of
Dance and Theatre, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730


October 7-10, 1999 * 1999 DE&T Presentation Submission Form
Dance Education and Technology: Dancing with the mouse

1. Program Title:


2. Attach a brief description (100 words or less) of the program which

a) purpose of the program b) learning objective c) target audience
d) method of presentation e) outline of session content and time sequence
f) focus on the attendee benefits of this session

3. Is this program appropriate for continuing education credit (CEU)? (
)Y ( ) N

If yes, attach a brief description of the program which includes:
a) program title
b) program description
c) topic area recommendation
d) program learning objectives
e) outline of program content and time sequence
f) short biography of program speakers

4. Submitted by: (include this information for each speaker &
presider. Attach/Insert additions

Name _______________________________________________________________

NDA Membership #_____________________________________________________
AAHPERD only -Association

NDEA Membership date _________________________________________________

Home Address _________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State __________ Zip _______
(H) Phone (____________)_______________________________________________

Work Address __________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State __________ Zip ________
(W) Phone (____________)_______________________ext._____________________

Job title & work location (i.e., Instructor, Dance Education, Rock Hill, SC)

If you are an International Presenter please supply the name of the
equivalent organization in which you have membership on your continent
or in your country. ___________________________________________________
email address of the organization _______________________________________

5. Have you previously presented a program at an NDA Conference?
___ NO (If yes, where?)____ State____ District __ National Convention

6. Attendance for this session is limited to: __________

7. Attach all speaker(s).
a. Primary speaker (this individual will be responsible for corresponding
with all program participants regarding this program).

b. List all other program speakers.

8. PROGRAM FORMAT: (check one)
__ Panel Discussion, __ Lecture, ___ Lecture with computer,
__ Computer Lab, __ Roundtable, __ Activity Participation,
__ Poster Session

The corresponding hands on session will be __________________________

9. EQUIPMENT REQUEST: (check all that apply)

__ No Audio/Visual equipment
__ 35mm slide projector w/stand,
__ flip Chart (includes easel),
__ Overhead projector w/stand, __ Screen
__ Cassette tape player,
__ Compact Disc Player
__ VHS video cassette player & monitor w/stand
__ Power PC (Macintosh) Ram_____ (or comparable laptop)
__ IBM or compatible Ram______ (or comparable laptop)
__ Internet connection

There are projection systems in all of the technology presentation rooms.
Special requirements:

__ Preferred date and time (subject to approval)

11. MEETING ROOM SETUP DESCRIPTION: (indicate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice)
____________ Theatre seating
____________ Theatre seating with demonstration area at front of room
____________ Open area with perimeter seating
____________ Roundtables
____________ Computer Lab (Circle one - Macintosh - IBM)

12. ___ Check here if a participant needs special accommodations due to
a disability. Attach an explanation of the special requirements needed.

13. ___ Special setup required (subject to approval). Please attach a

14. Presenter acknowledgment: I understand that if my proposal is
accepted for presentation at the 1999 Dance Education and Technology
Conference that I am responsible for paying all travel-related convention
expenses and the required registration fee. I certify that I am a current
member of the National Dance Association or the National Dance Education
Association or a comparable organization in my country/continent.

Signature: _________________________________ (electronically typed)

DEADLINE: Proposals must be postmarked by midnight (EST) December 15, 1998.

Return to: Dr. Jody Lunt, Winthrop University, Department of Dance
and Theatre, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
Electronically: Keitha Manning, or

To Join NDA please contact:
Judy Oberle, National Dance Association, 1900 Association Drive,
Reston, Virginia 22091 703-476-3436 joberle@AAHPERD.ORG

To Join NDEA please contact:
Dr. Rima Faber, National Dance Education Association,
4948 St. Elmo Avenue, Suite 207, Bethesda, Maryland 20814
301-657-2880 ndea@EROLS.COM

15, 1998.

Date Reviewed________Date Acknowledged ________
Forwarded to: ________________________________
Accepted ___Y ___N Date Confirmed ____________