Re: multimedia CD

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:53:19 +0000

I forgot to mention, if anyone is interested, that our company is happy
to announce the release of our first CD/CD-ROM.

It is called "North by South" and is a remix of our dancefilm/concert
staged in Houston last May, a work that deals with surviving/exploring
restrictions of movement or what we call ' knots of resistance' in the

The electronic music modules (live mix) are composed by Steve Paré and
Patrick Clark (Patrick currently is doing research in Amsterdam).
Interactive choreography by AlienNation Co. Photosculptures by Hans
Staartjes. The concert can be heard as a CD, but we designed it as a
CD-ROM, so you can view digital films of the performance, read
rehearsal script, and see photography from the work.
The CD/ROM is released on the Alien Label, $ 13 (without shipping).

It's a major step in a new direction for us, and we pressed 600 of them,
testing the field to see how distribution of such dance/music CD-Roms
works out. We'd also be interested in knowing whether dance journals
would review such works appearing in digital multimedia format.


Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.
518 Hawthorne #2
Houston, TX 77006