RE: Invitation to private presentation

Michael Klien (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:27:50 -0000

Just a quick note hoping to answer some of the questions.
The software we are working on is not a choreographer - it is called ' the
ChoreoGraph' and is a choreographic tool. Choreography and the way it is
approached by us is not necessarily just about dance but about movement and
the structuring of events.

Nevertheless I find it extremely problematic to talk about dance being pure.
By continuing claiming the purity of dance we can never achieve
technological and multi-media integration (some might not want that
anyway) - that way technology and other artistic media are bound to play
complimentary roles to dance - which is a real shame as this self-proclaimed
exclusivity of dance is already creating enough problems for the dance

Anyway...all the best,