Re: Invitation to private presentation

Niels Radtke (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:54:08 +0100

thank you for the invitation however I have some questions which might seem
stupid to you but which seem paradox to me.
Ho on earth is it possible to have a software choreographer? how is it
possible talking about instant-decision making. Isn't dance about body and
human beings?
shouldn't technology only interfere in stage, projection, or virtual stages
and backgrounds immersions.
I do not understand why this pure medium of dance itself being acted upon by
a computer, for what, what "better result" can be achieved ...(I seems to me
like pumping up breasts with silicones..)

can somebody clear me up on this?

with most respects
niels radtke
>From: Michael Klien <>
>To: Mailing List <>
>Subject: Invitation to private presentation
>Date: Tue, Nov 10, 1998, 2:22 pm

>Here is an invitation to anyone on the list who will be in London on the
>18th of Nov.
>We (The Barriedale Operahouse) are holding a small, private and informal
>presentation of our company (past, present and future) and of a solo-piece
>for a dance and technology.
>This solo-dance piece is implementing the basic principles of 'the
>ChoreoGraph' software.
>It allows for a non-linear structure in performance, as various modules of
>music and movement are set in a dynamic relation to each other; allowing for
>'real-time choreography' and instant-decision making.
>'Solo one' is a new piece of performance for one dancer and a choreographer
>based on the early results of Barriedale Operahouse's research into creating
>a new choreographic software-tool called 'the ChoreoGraph'. The creation of
>this solo has been supported by ARTEC (Art and Technology Centre, London)
>through a residency as well as by the Greenwich Dance Agency (London).
>If you are want to attend or have any questions - write a note to Michael:
>4pm - Greenwich Dance Agency (same address as us), London
>Barriedale Operahouse Ini. Ltd.
>Borough Hall;Royal Hill;SE10 8RT London
>T: 0181 858 06 81 / F: 0181 858 0621
> <>
>artistic direction /
>ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ creative consultancy /