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Vikky Cabrera (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 01:18:51 +0800

Hello Neil

I'm Vikky Bondoc-Cabrera from Quezon City, Philippines. I am a professional
PR Counselor whose art expression and hobby is dance, having been formally
introduced to ballet, folkdance and social dancing at the age of 8, many
decades ago.

As a result of my lifelong passion for dancing and sharing my knowledge
with social ballroom dancers (I'd really love to see more dancers moving
like graceful swans instead of waddling ducks), I published a ballroom
dance book last year, just six months after I started formally teaching
dance to amateur ballroom dancers and enthusiasts. My partner, Rene Canlas,
and I now function under the name of Heritage Dance Center.

By early next year, we'll be producing our own instructional videos, which
cover what we've always stressed in our dance classes, that is not only
dance steps but more importantly the fundamentals of dance -- rhythm,
musicality, posture, balance and centering, lead and follow, compression
and resistance, image and projection.

My website, The Dance Addict's Guide to Ballroom Dancing in the
Philippines, introduces visitors to the particular peculiarities of
ballroom dancing in our country, including specific popular dances, styles
and pattern variations, nomenclature (Swing is Boogie; Street Hustle is
Swing, etc.), dealing with roving and booked dance instructors, and a copy
of my book online -- Victoria's Dance Secrets. You may check it out at

Ain't it obvious we're interested in participating in your project. More


At 06:30 PM 10/22/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear All
>this email is to ask you if you are willing to participate in the new
>webproject of nirvanet.
>I'm working on a new section in the nirvanet website
>Media Art
>This is to give visibility to your work and generate traffic on the web and
>to stimulate events and venues collaborations.
>in this section i'm giving an overview what's happening in the new media art
>with the following pop up
>Dance /performance
>with a map of institutes and a map of organisations with artists in
>residence programs and exhibition activities.
>A call for participation in the nirvanet/cygertheatre events will be put
>online as well.
>So now the question is:
>i'm looking for URL's of people in the dance world.
>This can be explaining your work, sites with your video's or pure dance
>related sites or Art sites combineing dance and web.
>So please if you interested in participating in this project please send me
>your name
>website URL
>with respects
>niels radtke

It's not a crime to be a beginner dancer, but definitely a crime to look
like one.
The Dance Addict's Guide to Ballroom Dancing in the Philippines
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