Niels RADTKE (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 18:30:41 +0000

Dear All

this email is to ask you if you are willing to participate in the new
webproject of nirvanet.

I'm working on a new section in the nirvanet website
Media Art
This is to give visibility to your work and generate traffic on the web and
to stimulate events and venues collaborations.
in this section i'm giving an overview what's happening in the new media art
with the following pop up

Dance /performance

with a map of institutes and a map of organisations with artists in
residence programs and exhibition activities.
A call for participation in the nirvanet/cygertheatre events will be put
online as well.
So now the question is:
i'm looking for URL's of people in the dance world.
This can be explaining your work, sites with your video's or pure dance
related sites or Art sites combineing dance and web.
So please if you interested in participating in this project please send me

your name
website URL

with respects
niels radtke