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In 1991 at the University of Texas at Austin , I began offering
technologically mediated courses. At that time, the environment was
such that faculty members across the disciplines in the College of Fine
Arts, felt comfortable enough to offer joint interdisciplinary
collaborative courses. Among other requirements, the students final
work involved the creation of an interactive work. Not all works
included the use of computers, however, the issue of interactivity
evoked a great deal of discussion and consequent collaboration that
lead to the most interesting results.

In 1994 my colleague Diane Gromala and myself up-graded the course to
include studies in virtual reality & cyberspace. Entitled "Virtual
Reality and Cyberspace in the Arts" The course allowed the
participation of both undergraduate and graduate students.

The change reflected our newly acquired experience from a two year
fellowship granted to us by the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.
The work, "Dancing with the Virtual Dervish matured to a conclusion in
May of 1994 at the Centre. Following this incredible experience we
engaged in the process of dissemination of this knowledge to the
classroom for the benefit of all, students and faculty alike.

In 1995 Diane Gromala excepted the directorial position of the New
Media Research Lab at the University of Washington School of
Communications. We both felt very strongly about the continuation of
our work together as well as our collaborative teaching efforts. We
made a commitment to find the appropriate technology to connect
ourselves (to each other and to additional remote locations if needed)
as well as our students. Distance connectivity was added to the
classroom via the internet, the remote connection allowed both
students and lecturers to share ideas, plan, and work together. The
technology we used was free, available, and could be grabbed on the
internet free to all. CU See-me was stretched to its optimum level
until T1, T2, T3, and video conferencing capabilities has become

Currently, I offer the course under a fine arts number, but I do not
exclude any students from other colleges/departments. The requirements
for participation include a personal interview and submission is
granted according to qualifications. This approach allows me to create
in essence new learning communities. Typically, I will admit Computer
Science majors, with Radio Television Film majors, Dance majors,
Composers etc. Students are required to complete a personal home page
with links to the class web site as their first assignment, all
communication is conducted via the class site as well as home
assignments etc... one of the major goals for the course is still the
completion and performance of a collaborative interactive work. One of
my major efforts (I find) is how not to let progression get bogged down
by pedagogy as opposed to finding content and what does it all means.
To be continued at IDAT99.

>For those of you who can't read the html coding sent by Michael Klein


>that was what David Rodger was referring to... here it is as plain text:




>reaction to second clipping of Scott deLahunta's e-mail regarding: 'funk,

>soul and grind' as well as 'the earshot project' by Andi Freeman.


>The 'funk,soul and grind' browser has been launched at Backspace last week.

>'Earshot' will be premiered within 'amazing daze', an event curated and

>choreographed by Barriedale Operahouse on the 1st Nov. (more info about the

>event under - currently being updated...).

>'Funk, soul and grind' will also be used in a performance setting for the

>first time (though still limited)

>I will post a seperate mail on 'amazing daze' later on as it features some

>exciting new media work.




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