re: rhizome list/ html coding

Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 10:33:43 +0100

For those of you who can't read the html coding sent by Michael Klein --
that was what David Rodger was referring to... here it is as plain text:


reaction to second clipping of Scott deLahunta's e-mail regarding: 'funk,
soul and grind' as well as 'the earshot project' by Andi Freeman.

The 'funk,soul and grind' browser has been launched at Backspace last week.
'Earshot' will be premiered within 'amazing daze', an event curated and
choreographed by Barriedale Operahouse on the 1st Nov. (more info about the
event under - currently being updated...).
'Funk, soul and grind' will also be used in a performance setting for the
first time (though still limited)
I will post a seperate mail on 'amazing daze' later on as it features some
exciting new media work.

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