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Sorry Scott

I better chime in again -- sorry I hadn't read the original post when I
last replied.
Here in New Zealand I have recently taught a 15 hour "digital dancing"
block in my 3rd year undergraduate dance studies course, working in
collaboration with a computer technician from the undergraduate design
programme plus an independent digital media producer, the tutor of our
dance video courses/a tutor from Film/Video programme, and the director of
the Center for Educational Multimedia to :

1. introduce the context/history/current developments in digital dancemaking
2. raise issues in digital dance production/dance on the world wide web
3. give practical experience in the extension/conversion of dance video
clips to compact QuickTime dance movies for the world wide web
4. consider the ways in which digital media provide promotional
opportunities for dance makers
5 provide a 3 hour workshop for members of the public with an interest in
new ideas for digital imaging in educational contexts

For practical reasons, I had to extend my "collaboration" to ensure:
* access to an internet connected lab for class sessions (paid for by my
provision of the public session as part of a conference hosted by the CEM)
* access to digital editing equipment and software for conversion from
video to QuickTime
* that what I did in a practical sense was an extension of learning in the
dance video paper which preceded my paper

It was pretty successful all round -- the students were excited and
produced some excellent 15 sec QuickTime movies which really did extend
their learning especially about editing dance video; the collaboration
effort means I could do it again next year; the public workshop was good
outreach and created much goodwill; and the CEM are now interested in the
possibility of bringing an "international guest" to work here in the future
(I am workling on that for the year 2000!)

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