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Thanks very much for the responses on dance/tech/education... I have
whipped up a quick topic list from the posts from David/ Doug/ Raewyn and


- Possibilities (and difficulties -- i.e. more work for the lecturer not
less) for Distance Learning for Dance

- The Need for Educating Dance Educators about new learning/ teaching models

- An Integration of Sites for Practice: Getting the Digital 'Tools' into
the Dance Studios

- Utilizing Digital Technologies to enable innovative ways of Dance
Analysis -- ways of seeing/ categorizing/ metaphorizing movement.


Very encouraging to sense the 'dance centeredness' of their respective
endeavors. I see this as something different from just seeing the 'body'
(and possibly notions of 'presence') as a focus. The 'body' has been well
explored in the field of new media and digital arts partly because of the
ease with which visual and performance art frameworks for seeing the 'body'
as a representational apparatus can be assimilated into the digital arts
(where there is an emphasis on visuality and textuality). This focus on the
'body' is important work of course -- and has its relevance for dance as well.

But it is the non-representational aspect of dancing -- its temporal mode
of disappearing and the extreme sophistication of movement (and physical
technique/ experience/ memory-- not the same as presence) operating within
this temporal context which is undeveloped within these visual and
performance art 'body' projects... and subsequently in the digital arts.
This is why I am skeptical when some of the European Media Arts centers for
example look to collaborate with dance artists without an understanding of
dance making (and training). I welcome such collaborations of course,
because there is a base of knowledge and facilities there which is
necessary to progress developments in dance/ tech, etc. -- but one has to
take into account the possibility that in those contexts the dancing is

My Polemic for the Day.


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