Niels RADTKE (
Fri, 01 Jan 1904 07:14:52 +0000

hello everybody,

i'm new to this list and would like to introduce myself:

My name is niels radtke, living in belgium for the "moment", and working
at the cybertheatre for the moment (
I'm media art program manager for the "moment".
so there ae several reasons why i send this email:

1. inform you about a film i'm going to make with my girlfriend in japan
this fall
"the eight stades of dissolution", this is fictionalised documentary of
two pleaple, he media artist, she writer, both have the idea to make a
film in japan, they meet in an aquarium in tokyoi, then a voyage begins
through the life of contemporary media ratists in japan, passing
throught ancient japan, ending in a VR center in gifu where the
directors become virtual actors"
the whole has no accent on new technology as such but expresses
schyzzophrenic imaging and highlight the roadmovie through real and
media life.

now i would like to if there is any interest from you out there.
I'm looking for musics and imaging and some dance, but i do not make any
definition for the moment being, i'm waiting for input...and discussion

2. I'm looking for potential artists to invite at the cybertheatre in
belgium to perform live on stage.
are there any people living in europe, or are there any people passing
europe this fall/winter to have them perform in brussels

waiting for any constructive reply...

with most respects
niels radtke

ps. does anybody know of the exsistance of a music performance list?
and film/video list?


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