Re: Promoting Technology (was Pantha)

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Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:43:38 +0000

I would like to thank Scott for his wright comments.
I also saw Moving Target, and did work for several years with Charleroi
Dances, That company is the closest example of what politics -and do not
want to get into details because I know exactly how things run in there-
cut and give in dance, and yes, they allways present all the work as
"confusing", "challanging".... and it is so far from that...

NOw correct me if I missunderstood but I think the subject of the thread
was how little technology was to be seen in the Random performance, and
how much of it was expected...
I find it great, that they used it for the porpouse of the process, as a
tool, but that it was not so much seeable on stage... After all I think
this is what many choreographers wished: to do dance and use technology
as a tool to help it in the new ideas, and not to do technology and then
stick some moving bodies into it to decorate...and name it after
To me it sounds -I have not seen the piece- like they really went for
the research, in both fields, for their real interaction and
communication, whatever are the results, they certainly got a step
further, and we should encourage that and do not depend so much on news
papers reviews.


>Well, anyway -- this is what I advocate

> ++ more dancemaking with or without technology

> ++ more subversive humour

>I am of course a fan of John Cleese who is one of the most amazing
>choreographers of comedy extant today.


I think we all wish that, and we certainly would love to be able to keep
that sense of humor up, but we all know how difficult it is, at list we
try and keep reminding ourselves we need to keep picking it up from our


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