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sophie hansen (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 02:32:48 -0700

Dear Mary Lou,

I work wiom Dance Company in London and there is a commerciailable education video made for their Spring ReLOaded seres our last touring production, The Millennarium, in which the artistic Director, Wayne McGregor talks about his approach to technology in dance.

Independently of the company, the Canadian film production company, General Assembly, have made a documentary of the ATM project which Random carried out in 1996/7 with LE Group in Ottowa. I dont know if this is available, ( they were planning to show the film on the Discovery Channel ) but you could call them on 6137233316 or fax 723 8583- their address is 14 Colonnade Rd, Suite 250, Nepean, Ontario Canada K2e 7M6.

Hope this helps,

Sophie Hansen--

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998 22:36:55 mary-lou wrote:
>Hi All,
>1) Is there any video material available that demonstrates professional
>use of dance and technology? Can anyone suggest a commercially produced
>video that shows a company working interactively with computer
>technology? If so I'd like to buy it!
>2) Also I haven't recieved any dance-tech mail for at least two weeks,
>have people stopped talking, or have I lost my subscription for no
>apparent reason?? I'll try and re-subscribe!
>3) Does anyone know anything about a conference on Education and Dance
>Technology to be held in South Carolina in October of 1999?
>Cheers Mary-Lou

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