Re: pantha / (interest in video of dance and technology)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 14:56:59 EDT

Dear Mary-Lou (and others with potential similar interest)

In a message dated 8/20/98 6:09:39 AM, wrote:

>1) Is there any video material available that demonstrates professional
>use of dance and technology? Can anyone suggest a commercially produced
>video that shows a company working interactively with computer
>technology? If so I'd like to buy it!

Our project DOES have a demonstration video, as well as other materials,
showing our "LightDancer˙" FreeSpace-Interactive˙ music and visual media
system, showing a variety of live interactive musical styles, including
synchronized with CD-audio, and including footage of both professional dancers
and causual, first-time players, both young and old.

This video is ONLY available, however, strictly under signed Agreement of
Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure), and is being provided only to prospective
investors, strategic parters, luminary artists, potential LBE/distribution
channels, and interactive content collaborators. It is NOT yet publicly
available. We do anticipate, however, a public "coming-out" within the next
90-120 days, including web presence, product information, etc. Any parties
interested, please contact us directly, NOT via the list, and share your
context for interest.

David Clark
Director Technology
FreeSpace-Interactive˙ Music, LLC (formerly Dance Media, Inc.)