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Scott deLahunta (
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 13:28:05 +0200

Dear list members,

We've just been doing some maintenance on the Zone pages
( Needless to say there were a lot of out-of-date
links, from LifeForms to Sarah Morrison's. I still need to confirm a
couple, Thecla Schiphorst's Digital Earth URL for example... it might just
be down today.

Please do keep us informed if you are listed on Zone and if you change your
server, etc. If you are surfing the Zone and come across bad links, at the
bottom of each page you will find an email link to us... so please let us

Three new papers in the Critical Theory Section

deLahunta, Scott. *Speculative Paper: Theater/ Dance and New Media and
Information Technologies*. Written and presented to the Working Groups on
Dance and Drama, Research Group on Reorganisation of Professional Arts
Education, Amsterdam, April 1998.

Denny, Jean, Robb Lovell, John Mitchell. *Virtual Space Harmony: The Value
of Rudolf Laban's Theory of Space Harmony as a Means to Navigate a Virtual
Stage Environment (VSE)*. Institute for Studies in the Arts, March 1996.

Steggell, Amanda. *The Inverted Relay Race (and other observations)*. First
published in the 1998 spring edition of the DANCE RESEARCH JOURNAL.

Unfortunately the article by Warren Burt 'Thoughts on Physicality and
Interaction in Current Electronic Music and Art'... seems to have been
taken off line and I can't find it anywhere else. I left the citation on
the list for now with information about the hardcopy publication of the piece.

Best, Scott

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