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Here an update on the DEAF98 program, that was mentioned on this list
before in connection with the 'Future Moves' festival:

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>Subject: Syndicate: DEAF98 info
>DEAF98 - The Art of the Accident
>Rotterdam/NL, 17 - 29 November 1998
>The Dutch Electronic Art Festival is a bi-annual international and
>interdisciplinary event that deals with the inter-relations between art,
>technology and society. Under the title 'The Art of the Accident', DEAF98
>deals with concepts of time and space, and with their significance for the
>organisation of real and virtual environments. It does this from the
>perspective of the accident, of friction and rupture which are necessary
>elements of any technical reality. The festival inquires how complex social
>relations, individual actions and new forms of identity, take shape at the
>intersection between the technical and social reality.
>*Programme Elements
>DEAF98 consists of several elements:
>- the DEAF98 Exhibition of electronic media art works (main locations V2
>and the Netherlands Photo Institute, and several special locations, incl.
>the MSR Harbour Simulator)
>- the transArchitecture 03 Exhibition (at the Netherlands Architecture
>- the DEAF98 Symposium (an international two-day conference with artists,
>architects, theorists, sociologists and scientists, on 20/21 November)
>- the DEAF98 Publication (an extensive illustrated book about 'The Art of
>the Accident')
>- presentations, panel discussions and workshops (incl. the premiere
>presentation of the first international Nettime publication)
>- music and sound art performances (in cooperation with Nighttown)
>- Future Moves (a festival devoted to media and dance, coordinated by
>Lantaren/Venster, 17-22 November)
>DEAF98 is realised in cooperation with several national and international
>partner organisations, incl. the Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria; the
>Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe/Germany; and the
>Inter-Communication Center, Tokyo/Japan.
>Ticket prices for the different programme elements vary. Exact prices are
>yet to be fixed. Reservations for the Symposium, presentations and
>performances will be advised as soon as the programmes and participants
>have been confirmed.
>*Further Information
>More detailled information about the festival programme will be made public
>as soon as possible. You can stay up to date by subscribing to the V2
>mailing list through the website, URL: - just follow the
>'mailing list' links.
>DEAF98, V2_Organisation, e-mail:
>Info on Future Moves: Dick Hollander <>
>other events taking place in Rotterdam during the DEAF98 weeks include:
>- Constant: New Babylon (an exhibition about the utopian designs of the
>Dutch artist, at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, opens 21
>November; info: <>)
>and elsewhere:
>- SURRO GATE (an exhibition at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media,
>Karlsruhe/Germany, October 30 - December 6, 1998; info:
>- AVE Festival (festival of experimental film and video,
>Arnhem/Netherlands, November 18 - 22, 1998; info: