Hand Drawn Spaces-Get Involved

Andrea Sferes (andrea@danceonline.com)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 11:25:18 -0400

Dear Dance Tech List,

To take advantage of the recent Hand Drawn Spaces discussion, I would like
to take this opportunity to inform you that Paul Kaiser, Shelly Eshkar and
I, Executive Producer of Dance Online (http://www.danceonline.com),
are seeking a person or persons to develop a web-based interpretation of
Hand Drawn Spaces or some portion thereof.

We are seek Hand Drawn Spaces concept and adapts it to the web. We want to
reduce the concept to the web's lowest common denominator so that more
people may experience the work. While there may be some small stipend
available, this is basically a volunteer project. Our hope is that someone
with the right
skill set will find the process of reinterpreting this work for the web

The piece would be featured at Dance Online, which is an innovative
contemporary dance content site. Dance Online has been recognized as an
art and technology site with a history of producing high quality, challenging
multi-media work. Paul Kaiser's company Riverbed, of course, is the
producing company of Hand Drawn Spaces.

Riverbed would provide the artwork and Dance Online would provide partial
production and programming support, as well as publicity. The process would
be a collaborative effort by all parties involved. The person(s) we are
seeking would conceive and ultimately be responsible for creating the
environment. Riverbed and Dance Online would act as Executive Producers
and Consultants on the project.

Related URLs: http://www.riverbed.com
http://www.danceonline.com/farchive (Dance Online's features archive)

Please call or email andrea@danceonline.com with inquiries and/or

Many Thanks,

Andrea Sferes
Executive Director
Dance Online