Re: Technology and the Arts

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 30 Jan 98 14:57 +0100

Dear Henry, Olivia
and the dtz community:

as several people have been asking me, I might as well anounce it officially.
My new book is coming out in August or early September, and will be distributed
internationally, through Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore and London).

"Media and Performance: along the border"
by Johannes Birringer

Baltimore/London: Johns Hopkins University Press
288pp, 69 illustrations
ISBN 0-8018-5851-8 clothbound (L 39.50, $ 71,oo)
ISBN 0-8018-5852-6 paperback (L 16.50, $ 21.90)

The book has chapters on contemporary theatre, dance, video art, film, media art
and activism, visual art, digital art and performance art, written mostly from
the angle of a practitioner and my experience of collaboration and production in
different cultural contexts. It's an experiential book, and thus treats theory
in a rather low key manner (it's in fact an anti-academic book), while focusing
on issues and controversies of production, composition and method.

There are 3 three interlaced chapters on dance in the 20th century, leading up
to "migbot" and performance/technology, taking a critical look back at early
expressionism and contructivism/futurism and linking this to my experience of
physical theatre and videodanse.The last chapter, "Virtual Communities" is long
and involved, it depicts my recent encounters of virtual realities, CD-ROM and
online work.
The companion book, "Border-Work," on my site-specific work in eastern Europe,
the US, and Latin America, is due out in 1999.

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