Technology and the Arts

Lesley Wheeler (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 09:15:06 +0000

Professor Purcell
I have recently read through your book of the BBC series, White Heat: People
and Technology and would be interested in discussing some issues with you.

I am a mature-age MA student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing
Arts in Perth, WA. My area of research is into audience perception and
aesthetic judgement of computer-generated dance. My particular area of
interest is the role technology has and is continuing to play on the
evolution of the different arts disciplines.

My degree is in Arts Management, but my interest is far broader than any
single discipline, although I have a formal background in dance and in
contemporary music.

I would be appreciative of any comments you may have on the symbiotic
relationship that the arts and science have had historically, as I believe
that, to a certain extent.,one supports developments in the other.

Lesley Wheeler
MA (Creative Arts) candidate
WA Academy of Performing Arts
Mt Lawley, Western Australia. 6050