Re: Slide projection

Mary-Lou Michael (
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 15:07:21 +0000

Re: Projection
I've used an Epson data Display at school recently... It is most
commonly used to project images from a computer, so can be used in
conjunction with photo-shop, and similar programs. But it can also be
used as a video projector by plugging in your VCR... and you can play
live images by plugging in your video camera to the data display. It's
lots of fun!!! I've recently used it to project a video/ dance film
that some of my students performed in through Media... the quality
isn't as good as the Cinema, but good enough! I'm not sure of the
cost... but I'd invest in one if I was running a small company.

>From little old South Australia...
Oh and the Dance and Technology workshops for Secondary Dance teachers
are a real success... we are running more this year as a result. Dance
Teachers seem really keen to be involved.
Cheers Mary-Lou...