Re: optimising compression for Quicktime dance movies

David Rodger (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 12:37:09 +1000

Guy Hilton wrote:
>You might also want to consider what you find at
>( Vapourware? Next
>big thing? Hoonose.

There was an article in the I.T. section of The Age newspaper (Melbourne,
Australia) describing the same in a little more detail. (However, the
detail was not a techical description.) It seems that Clark and his
backers are keeping the lid on this thing. The readers of The Age started
a letter debate which lasted a few weeks. There were a letters from people
knowledgeable in compression techniques who expressed the opinion that this
could indeed be vapourware... or a scam of sorts. Since no demo has been
given, and no technical details or specifications released, it remains to
be seen. I expect that if the claims are worth anything, they'll resurface
once the patents have been secured.

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