Re: optimising compression for Quicktime dance movies

Raewyn Whyte (
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:23:21 +1200

We have been batting around codec issues with Quicktime movies off list,
and I thought I'd report in.

The smaller Quicktime dance movies I've seen to date are using Cinepak as
the codec.

David Clark suggested we try the
>.....Media Cleaner Pro / Sorenson ( codec

The Quick Time Authoring Studio software includes this codec, as does Quick
Time 3 Pro.
My company (@URL) has just started using the Sorenson codec for Quicktime
panoramas, and it is really extremely useful as far as compression goes --
getting things way down compared to what we were achieving a week ago. But
that's on still images, and we haven't tried it out yet on movies.

(The Authoring Studio software is pretty costly ($860 NZ$!), and QuickTime
3 Pro costs
$30 US ($62.00 NZ!) )

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