Re: help needed - how to optimise compression for Quicktime dance
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 00:14:52 EDT

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>My colleague Karl Menzies has experimenting with Quicktime dance movie
>production, using Media Studio Pro and/or Adobe Premiere to convert from
>video to Quicktime format.
>He's finding it frustrating getting adequate compression for web uses.
>He's trying to find a suitable codec for the Quicktime format that outputs
>a filesize of
>around 250-400k, and is m\small enough for reasonable download over the web
>and/or email
>Has anyone any advice to offer? or found a suitable codec?
>(If you want to reply to Karl directly it's
I'm doing the same thing and am having the same problem. Just thought that I
would let you know that we are in the same boat.
I will email you with further information/frustration and you can email me at: