(Fwd) Re: Marketing Dance

Jeffrey E. Salzberg (salzberg@flash.net)
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 18:16:03 -6

> I've recently seen an advertising medium which seems to have a lot of
> promise and I was wondering if anyone has tried it. A few companies are
> putting out displays in cafes and clubs of free postcards on a nice, glossy
> stock,

Are you referring to "table tents"? I like these a lot. They're
more effective than posters and flyers because the potential audience
members are looking at them for a considerable period of time. . .a
half-hour to an hour over the course of the meal.

A couple of other observations:

It goes without saying that we proofread *all* of our materials for
potentially embarrassing spelling and other errors; in the case of
table tents and anything else which is going to be looked at for an
extended period of time, this is even more important. I sometimes
define "professionalism" as "attention to detail"; the last thing we
want to do is to inadvertently tell the audience that we *don't* pay
attention to details.

When doing table tents or flyers, it's helpful to offer a modest
discount if the item is presented at the box office (if you're going
to do that with table tents, make sure you have a system for
replenishing your supplies). This gives you a way to track the
effectiveness of these media.

Another way to evaluate the cost-effectiveness (gawd, I sound like a
management geek!) of your marketing is to distribute an audience
survey. To encourage people to turn these in, I usually make them
the entry forms in some sort of door prize (you can always find a
local business to donate a prize in exchange for the publicity). I've
got an example of one such survey (no worse than some, no better than
others) on my web page at:


Just click on the "Publications" icon.

Jeffrey E. Salzberg, Lighting Designer