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David Rodger (
Sat, 16 May 1998 08:30:47 +1000

Johannes Birringer wrote:
>I wish to dissociate myself from the discussion on beating down on critics
>who read works in the way they read them. that was not at all the point I
>tried to raise, whether a critics "gets it."

Sure, but the response of reviewers to dance-tech pieces is an interesting
subject nevertheless. I wonder how much the reviewer's awareness of the
system (or even that one is involved) informs the response.

>But that's how I feel at times, concerning video/slides projection, namely
>that our blending/mixing of media creates unnecessary redundancies and
>special effects that in fact do not cohere in the way "special effects" are
>utilized in the film industry. The problems of how to light (when working
>with closed circuit cameras or sensors) is an interesting point in case,
>and Jeffrey Salzberg already drew attention to the aesthetic dilemma involved.

But in films that stuff isn't done in real-time. And if the head of the
project (whether in the FX dept or the director no less) doesn't like the
effect, it can be re-done. Only the final approved version makes it to the

Of course, there's a distinction between an unexpected response ofa
real-time interactive system and a case of bad programming (or a program
which doesn't achieve the right aesthetic).

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