Re: Crutches

Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 13 May 1998 12:56:01

I wish to dissociate myself from the discussion on beating down on critics
who read works in the way they read them. that was not at all the point I
tried to raise, whether a critics "gets it."
I simply asked a question about compositional choice (working in multimedia
performance myself), and introduced a perhaps unfortunate term (crutches).
But that's how I feel at times, concerning video/slides projection, namely
that our blending/mixing of media creates unnecessary redundancies and
special effects that in fact do not cohere in the way "special effects" are
utilized in the film industry. The problems of how to light (when working
with closed circuit cameras or sensors) is an interesting point in case,
and Jeffrey Salzberg already drew attention to the aesthetic dilemma involved.


Johannes Birringer
AlienNaion Co.