Re: 'media archaeology'

Keitha Manning (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:07:10 -0500

Luke Kahlich wrote:
> I think it is important to note that the three first Dance and Technology
> COnference were begun by and suppported by the National Dance Association.
> Buff Brennan and I were the instigators of the first one in Madison, WI.

I am always amazed when the history of an event is only partially known
(due to selective memory as it is related from one person to another) or
revealed to others. Thank you Richard for your rather comprehensive
account, and for Luke's additional information. The statement that
applies well to this situation is - "how quickly they forget."

Luke and Buff are the people that we should thank for our current dance
and technology status in the United States. I don't speak for Canada
since I am not a citizen of that country.

The next time you attend a conference which includes dance technology in
the United States realize, from those of us who were present at the
Dance and Technology I conference, that Buff and Luke provided an
opportunity for us to meet and become inspired by the work that was
taking place at that time. Many of us were working in isolation and were
unfamiliar with others working in technology. From there it grew.

Prior to D&T I there had been another United States gathering of dance
technos in the 1980's, which broke ground but did not sustain continued
meetings of dance technologists. D&T I brought together many of those
people who are currently active in D&T in the United States, and many
dance technologists who are active in Canada.