'media archaeology'

Scott deLahunta (sdela@ahk.nl)
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:39:02 +0200

'Media Archaeology' is a hot item as individuals/ organisations look back on
the historical pathways both old and new media have taken -- an important
countermeasure to the speed (and associated mania) with which 'new'
developments in technology are taking place... and the tendency towards
erasing these histories.

For those of you interested in doing a bit of 'archaeology' on the history
of *dance and technology*, you might take a look at the DTZ's 'past events'
section (http://art.net/~dtz/past.html) for a quick glimpse at dozens of
submissions tracing back to June 1996. Prior to June 1996, there were three
major events related to 'dance and technology'. The Dance and Technology
Conferences 1-3 hosted by: The University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1992; Simon
Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, 1993; York University, Toronto,
Canada, 1995. There is some information about these events on the Ohio State
University site: http://www.dance.ohio-state.edu/.

But, remember, there was no pressure to create 'WEBSITES' before 1993-1994
as Mosaic took center stage as the first web 'browser'... so you won't find
many 'traces' of these earlier conferences on-line except on the Ohio State
site. However, you can order a hardcopy of the Proceedings from 1 and 3 from
the National Resource Centre for Dance (http://www.surrey.ac.uk/NRCD/) at
Surrey University (slated to possibly host the FIFTH conference in 2001).

As most of us know, the FOURTH in this series is the upcoming event hosted
by Arizona State University. Website is
http://researchnet.vprc.asu.edu/isa/idat/english.html. A lot more
web-related activity is anticipated.


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