Re: Research dance film

Scott deLahunta (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:03:15 +0200

Johannes is correct of course, there are video dance platforms in the North
America. It took about 5 minutes with Altavista to discover the claim for
the "oldest, annual competitive, dance film and video festival in the world,
since 1972." by the NYC based Dance Films Association, website: There is information about the 1998
Festival on this site... and a mention of the following publications:

**Dance on Camera News is a bi-monthly newsletter, unique to both the dance
and film communities, covers new dance films and videos, festivals,
competitions, and artists.** (presumably available from Dance Films Association)

**Dance on Camera: A Guide to Dance Films and Videos, is the most
comprehensive resource available on films and videos featuring dance from
around the world in current distribution in the United States. In Spring,
1997 Scarecrow Press will release our latest edition which lists over 1,400
entries with multiple indexes, cross references, and scholarly essays.**
(presumably available from Scarecrow Press based either in NJ or MD or both)


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